African baby names

AbayomiNigerian name meaning bringer of happiness.
AbdallaServant of God. (Swahili).
AbebeAsked for (Nigerian).
AbebiAsked for (Nigerian).
AbeekuGhanian word for one who is born on Wednesday.
AbejideNigerian name for one who is born in the wintertime.
AbiodunNigerian name given to one born during war.
AbiolaNigerian name given to one born during the New Year.
AdaFirst daughter. (Nigerian).
AdahFirst daughter. (Nigerian).
AdanaHer father’s daughter. (Nigerian).
AdannaHer father’s daughter. (Nigerian).
AdanyaHer father’s daughter. (Nigerian).
AddaeGhanian word for the morning sun.
AdeNigerian word meaning royal.
AdebayoNigerian for ‘he was happy’.
AdebenGhanian name given to the twelfth-born son.
AdejolaNigerian name meaning ‘the crown needs honour’.
AdesolaNigerian name meaning ‘the crown honoured us’.
AdikaGhanian name given to the first child from a second husband.
AdioRighteous. (Nigerian.).
AdisaThe clear one (Nigerian).
AdofoGhanian word for warrior.
AdomGod’s blessing. (Ghanian).
AdunbiNigerian word for pleasant.
AdusaGhanian name given to the thirteenth-born child.
AganjuIn Yoruban mythology, Aganju was the son and husband of Ododua, the earth goddess.
AiyetoroPeace on earth. (Nigerian).
AjaniHe fights for possession. (Nigerian).
AkanniProfitable encounter; our encounter brings wealth (Nigerian).
AkiikiFriend. (Ugandan).
AkiliBright. Smart. (Tanzanian).
AkinlabiWe have a boy. (Nigerian).
AkinlanaBrave (Nigerian).
AkonoMy turn. (Nigerian).
AkuaGhanian name for one born on Thursday.
AkweteeGhanian name for the second twin born.
AlikaMost beautiful. (Nigerian).
AmaSaturday’s child. (Ghanese).
AmadiNigerian name meaning ‘fated to die at birth’.
AmadiRejoicing. (Nigerian).
AmbonisyeTanzianian name meaning ‘God rewards me’.
AmeenaTrustworthy. (Swahili).
AmeenahTrustworthy. (Swahili).
AmiSaturday’s child. (Ghanese).
AminaTrustworthy. (Swahili).
AminahTrustworthy. (Swahili).
AminehTrustworthy. (Swahili).
AnaneGhanian name given to the fourth son born.
AndweleTanzanian name meaning ‘God brings me’.