Choosing a name for the child: what to consider

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a name for your child.

Probably, in matters of choosing a name, each parent considers himself an expert. And this is right, because whoever knows his own child better than mom and dad is ready to give his baby everything the most necessary, including the most suitable and best name. However, let’s talk about what you should pay attention to when choosing a name for your child: A name combined with patronymic Although Western culture is gradually coming in, including the tradition of addressing a person by name without a middle name, it will be much better to ensure sonority and easy pronunciation of a pair name-patronymic, because in official documents, at work, during study, a person will still have to indicate his full name. There is no general recipe for choosing a name by sound. With each name, everything is individual. There are only general tips:

  • do not make the name-patronymic pair too growling, i.e. if there is a letter p in the middle name, it is better to choose a name without p; –
  • the long middle name must be paired with a short name, and the short name can, on the contrary, be balanced by the long middle name.
  • if the father of the child has a foreign name (for the country where you live), then you should think about choosing an international name for the child for good compatibility, smoothing out the foreign name.

The name combined with the surname It is also very difficult to solve something here without seeing the object. We can only say the following: such a strategy is more relevant for choosing a name for a boy, because he and a couple name and surname will have to live much longer than a girl who in 80% of cases will change her name after marriage. Well, of course, you should avoid excessive polarity in the meanings of the name and surname. For example, Violetta Tarakanova. Such a combination is certainly good for an ironic book, but in life the owner of that name would probably suffer.

A name that is natural for the country where the child lives As I mentioned in the first strategy, it makes sense to call the child a name that is accepted in the country where he lives. This will simplify his communication with peers, allow him to become his own for society, even if he is a different nationality. The alternative is international names: Maria, Denis (Denis), Michael (Michael), Katerina (Kate), etc., these and other names are present in the cultures of many countries and do not look alien anywhere.

Choosing a name by its meaning Today, parents often take into account the meaning of names when choosing. Here, I think, it is crucial – do you believe that the name carries a certain energy? If yes, of course, this should be taken into account. In this case, you can arm yourself with useful literature, for example, study the dictionary of female names if you have a baby girl soon, or read about male names if you soon become the mother of a little boy.

Name by Saints Orthodox parents should give a name to a child by Saints. In the Orthodox Church, it is customary to call babies the names of saints, while not all existing names are displayed in Saints. Therefore, if you firmly decided to name the baby in accordance with the Orthodox canons, choose the name of a saint or saint. Ideally, the saint’s birthday should be on the baby’s birthday or later.

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