Arthurian Legend baby names

AballachFather of Modron.
AccalonLover of Morgan le Fay.
AcheflowWhite flower.
AdeA mistress of Lancelot.
AglaralBrother of Percival.
AglaraleBrother of Percival.
AglavalBrother of Percival.
AgravainBrother of Gawain.
AlainFrom Alain le Gros one of the Fisher kings.
AlexandreNephew of King Mark.
AleynA Fisher king.
AlisBrother of Cliges.
AlixandreNephew of King Mark.
AmrSon of Arthur.
AndretKing Mark’s nephew.
AngharadA love of Peredur.
AngharatA love of Peredur.
AnglidesMother of Alexandre.
AnguyshFather of Isolde.
AnirSon of Arthur.
AnnaArthur’s sister.
AntfortasKeeper of the grail.
AntorFoster father of Arthur.
ApolloUncle of Tristan.
ArganteName of a queen.
ArthgalloHigh honor.
ArthurNoble; courageous. Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights.
AstolatLady of Shalott who kills herself for the love of Lancelot.
AuctorFoster father of Arthur.
AugwysBrother of Lot.
AvallocFather of Modron.
AvalonArthur’s burial place.
AvaronArthur’s burial place.
AvaronaArthur’s burial place.
AvilonArthur’s burial place.
AwarnachA giant.
BagdemagusFather of Meleagant.
BaldulfA knight.
BalenBrother of Balaan.
BalinBrother of Balaan.
BanFather of Lancelot.
BeaumainsWhite hands.
BedegrayneName of a castle.
BedivereReturns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.
BedverReturns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.
BedwyrReturns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.
BelakaneAn African queen.
BellangereSon of Alexandre.