How to make money on maternity leave at home: career tips for moms

The world does not stand still, and while a mother with a child are on maternity leave, her professional skills lose their relevance, and new specialties appear on the labor market during this time.

Your resume is also getting out of date, which is very bad for your career. So, the first thing to do is to update it. In order not to spend a lot of time writing a resume and not leave the child unattended for a long time, it is better to ask the writing service to do this. It won’t be difficult to find resume service near me as many writing services include Google maps on their sites.

Once you’ve updated your resume, you need to think about how to optimize your workflow and what vacancies to consider.

In this article we will tell you what professions you can get on maternity leave and how to start working with a child on your lap if necessary.

There are different professions that allow you to work from home:

  • Chef – bake cakes, cookies to order and sell to the same mothers, for various events, kids, family members.
  • Seamstress – sew baby clothes, post photos on social networks and sell.
  • Realtor – helping people buy and sell real estate. You can work by phone.
  • Sales and cold calling – offering goods and services, working on the phone.
  • Handmade – jewelry, toys, phone cases.

All professions are simple and affordable. But with a baby, you need to remember some features. Working on the phone presupposes perfect silence in the background, and this is not always possible with a small child. Mom will not be able to do needlework and cooking for a long time, because the baby will get bored and begin to be capricious. As a result, customers will be unhappy and, most likely, will no longer order something from an unreliable employee.

What profession to get on maternity leave? You can master one of the new Internet majors.

working on maternity leave
Kitchen, Home Interior, Domestic Kitchen, Home Office, Desk

Online professions to consider on maternity leave

A great option to build a career on maternity leave is to work remotely. Over the past few years, professions that allow you to earn money using a computer and the Internet have gained great popularity.

In such an activity, a big plus for mothers will be the fact that: it is not necessary to keep quiet, you can work at any time and in any place (even when the baby is playing in the sandbox); there is no bosses who will endlessly call, pull and demand momentary reports. There are quite a few remote professions, but for mothers a selection of the simplest ones by occupation (with an average salary) is offered:

  • Writing, editing and other work with texts: copywriter, rewriter, SEO copywriter, editor
  • Working with sites: content manager, layout designer, moderator, web developer, technical support specialist
  • Design: illustrator, brand designer, 3D designer, interior designer, graphic designer, UX designer (web designer)
  • Setting up advertising on the Internet: targetologist, contextologist, directologist, Internet marketer, SMM-specialist, marketing mailing specialist
  • Different types of programming are not the easiest profession, but it can also be learned

All professions can be studied independently on the Internet. It remains to read the information and choose which one is necessary. Mom needs to have a sufficient level of self-organization to study constantly and then practice.

Change of profession after maternity leave

After the baby has grown up, it becomes boring for him to communicate only with his mother. He wants to play with peers, sing songs, dance, run and jump. There comes a willingness to go to kindergarten, and mom to work. There may be small obstacles:

  • Returning to the previous place is not always possible. The project ended, the position was abolished, the company went bankrupt, etc. It turns out that the mother is sending the child to kindergarten and is looking for a new job. It will be great if my mother is an excellent specialist in her field and any employers in the right field will “tear her off”. In other cases, you will have to look for a new job.
  • Adaptation to kindergarten. While the baby is undergoing adaptation (from a month to six months), it is useless to look for something new, because the child is in the institution for only a few hours. When mom is convinced that her child is doing well in kindergarten, you can start looking for work.
  • Lack of assistants. It is necessary to immediately inform about the presence of the child, even during the interview. This is necessary so that unpleasant moments do not arise, for example, when you sit on sick leave with your baby. Some companies, for various reasons, cannot offer a place for such employees. If there are grandparents or other helpers nearby, that’s great. But even in this case, the baby cannot always overcome the disease without the mother by his side.
  • Children who do not like kindergarten. There is a category of children who do not like to be in kindergarten for a long time and / or communicate with strangers. There are introverts from childhood and this is just a type of character with which nothing can be done. Such kids can spend several hours in kindergarten, and then, if there is a mood. Otherwise, they will cry at the window and call mom all day. They do not adapt in a month or even a year.

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