Biblical baby names

AaronA teacher; lofty; mountain of strength
AbaddonThe destroyer
AbagthaFather of the wine-press
AbanaMade of stone, a building
AbanaMade of stone, a building.
AbarimPassages, passengers
AbarimPassages, passengers.
AbdaA servant, servitude.
AbdeelA vapor, a cloud of God.
AbdiMy servant.
AbdielServant of God
AbdonServant; cloud of judgment
AbednegoServant of light; shining
AbelVanity, breath, vapor. Also a city, mourning’
Abel-beth-maachahMourning to the house of Maachah.
Abel-maimMourning of waters.
Abel-meholahMourning of sickness.
Abel-mizraimThe mourning of Egyptians.
Abel-shittimMourning of thorns.
AbezAn egg, muddy.
AbiMy father
Abi-albonMost intelligent father
AbiahThe Lord is my father.
AbiasaphConsuming father; gathering
AbiatharExcellent father; father of the remnant
AbibGreen fruit, ears of corn.
AbidahFather of knowledge
AbidanFather of judgment
AbielGod my father
AbiezerFather of help
AbigailThe father’s joy
AbihailThe father of strength
AbihuHe is my father
AbihudFather of praise; confession
AbijahThe Lord is my father.
AbijamFather of the sea
AbileneThe father of mourning
AbimaelA father sent from God
AbimelechFather of the king
AbinadabFather of a vow; or of willingness
AbinoamFather of beauty
AbiramHigh father; father of deceit
AbishagIgnorance of the father.
AbishaiThe present of my father.
AbishalomFather of peace
AbishuaFather of salvation
AbishurFather of the wall; father of uprightness
AbitalThe father of the dew; or of the shadow
AbitubFather of goodness